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Kamagaya City, situated on the gently rolling Hokuso plateau in northwest Chiba Prefecture, covers a total area of 21.11 square kilometers. Blessed with excellent transport network including three railways, Tobu Noda Line, Shin-Keisei Line and Hokuso Kaihatsu Line, and conveniently located within commuting distance (less than 25 km) of central Tokyo, Kamagaya City has developed as a residential town accommodating people who work in the capital region.

Kamagaya became a city on September 1, 1971, making it the 24th city in Chiba Prefecture. The population has increased steadily since then, rising from the initial 44,760 to a little over 100,000 in 1995 and further to 108,862 as of September 2012. The city is studded with green spaces and farmland in which residents can find relief from the bustle. The city is known for its Nashi pears.

City flower: Pear flower and Japanese bellflower
City tree: Fragrant olive
Sister City: Whakatane District, New Zealand

KAMAGAYA RAINBOW PLAN 21 The Second Kamagaya Basic Policy Plan (2011-2020)[pdf]

Pear flower@Japanese bellflower@Fragrant olive